24 February 2017

Virtualization technologies

DAEM through the implementation of virtualization technologies, has successfully upgraded the network infrastructure in the Data Center of the Municipality of Athens. DAEM has replaced all aged equipment, has added new powerful virtual servers and has installed a centralized management platform. All those changes lead to significant increase of computing storage capacity.

Main functions and features:
• Virtual disk thin provisioning, offering increased availability and storage capacity
• Centralized, automatic control of compliance and infrastructure
• Live migration, offering support-maintenance of infrastructure works
• Simplified equipment management through a single platform
• Easy and quick access to new advanced services
• High availability / virtualization technology
Project benefits
• High speed connections and reliability within all networks (Data Center, WAN & Access)
• Sustainable management and utilization of available resources
• Increased availability and performance of IT systems
• Increased security of all IT systems
• Significant reduction in the total cost of ownership and maintenance of information systems
• Ability to support future interface needs as it has large throughout & extremely low