23 February 2017


Public Administration (PA) authorities are working towards upgrading the level of their online services through new governance models such as the Open Government. This pushes for greater transparency, accountability and innovation aiming at increasing citizen levels of confidence and trust in PA online services. In this context, user data privacy is an important issue. The platform will provide clear visualisation of privacy preferences, relevant threats and trust issues along with an insight into the economic value of user data. The platform will equip PAs with the right tools to improve the transparency and accountability of their operations, by supporting visual analysis of (i) privacy issues at different levels (e.g. design, runtime)and perspectives (i.e. citizen, PA); (ii) regulation compliance; and (iii) business/operational processes. The VisiOn consortium leverage existing software, tools and methodologies, which propartners have developed in previous projects, towards the implementation of the privacy platform software components.