23 February 2017

Our approach

DAEM is a credible ally for any public or private institution, wishing to incorporate new technologies, so to widen operational and business
capabilities. Our partnerships make routine jobs more efficient and expedient and are designed to enhance citizens’ participation opportunities
to local development. For this exact reason, DAEM uses advanced IT technologies, offering outstanding quality products and services that meet
client’s needs in various Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sectors, within the smart city landscape.

The Focus Areas of DAEM’s operations include:

• Ideation and preparation of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) frameworks
• Design and development of integrated ICT systems and solutions
• Compliance to ICT specification and standards
• ICT program management
• Outsourcing services for user support and systems operations
• Technical support and hardware maintenance services
• Participation in national and European research projects and calls
• End-user training
• Development of versatile ICT infrastructures (networks, facilities, systems)
• Data management, analytics, visualization and reporting
• Cloud-based technologies and services